Down in Kemah Bay

Originally a small fishing town, Kemah has become a tourist destination for the area’s restaurants and attractions. Kemah is located about 45 minutes southeast of Houston.

I just recently realized that I skipped writing about the last stop of our 8 day Texas Roadtrip last October. We originally made plans to stop here so John could fish, but an unexpected cold front moved through during our trip making that impossible.

We stayed in Kemah for 2 nights in this comfy Airbnb. The king size bed was one of the most comfortable ones I’ve slept in, other than my own of course. The reason I picked this place is because it had a private hot tub, which we got in both nights.


On our way from San Antonio to Kemah, we stopped at the Shiner Brewery in Shiner, Texas. My husband enjoys their beer and we were hoping to do a tour of the brewery, however we missed the tour by about 20 minutes. He did however get to sample all of the beers, and said that they tasted so fresh straight from there.

We arrived in Kemah on Halloween afternoon and got checked in to our Airbnb. For dinner we went to T-Bone Tom’s, which had been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. They are known for their “armadillo eggs”, which is a jalapeno pepper stuffed with BBQ pork, battered and deep fried. They also had happy hour shrimp cocktails which John loved!

After dinner we drove around Kemah looking at the murals. We also stopped in at Paradise Tropical Wines for some free wine tastings. John ended up loving their banana wine and said it tasted just like a banana laffy taffy!

In the evening we made our way to the boardwalk area to look around. It was so cold!! I had hoped to ride the Ferris wheel overlooking the ocean , but I don’t even think they had the rides open (or at least nobody was riding them). We wandered into Bubba Gump’s and shared some dessert, which was delicious!


The next morning we made our way to the Houston Space Center. I bought tickets before hand for cheaper through the Kemah visitor center. However, I wish I would have done more research than I did on the different activities that were included with our tickets. The tram rides to NASA’s Johnson Space Center are first come first serve when you get there, so by the time we arrived 1 hour after opening it was a 3 hour wait til the next tram ride. There was definitely not enough to see/do to keep us occupied for 3 hours inside the actual space center, but we made the best of it.

We didn’t find out until we went to take our tram ride to the NASA mission control center that there were actually 2 other tours/tram rides we could have done, one of those being the astronaut training facility. Too late to do them at that point, we just did the one tour. They took us to the original mission control room from which Apollo 11 was controlled. They have restored the room to the exact replica of the day we first landed on the moon, July 24, 1969. They also played the recordings of their communication to space that day, it was definitely the coolest thing we experienced there.

Seeing the NASA Johnson Space Center campus was pretty cool, they even had free roaming deer just chilling next to buildings. They are the training base for the US astronauts, as well as their home. Campus includes close to 100 buildings on 1620 acres of land, so it’s very large!

After our day at the space center, we made our way back to T-Bone Tom’s outdoor area so John could enjoy some more happy hour shrimp cocktails. We then relaxed at our Airbnb until dinner.

For dinner we chose Tookie’s Seafood, as it was a local recommendation. John had the Texas redfish with crab meat on top, and I chose the chicken alfredo. Our food was delicious!!

We enjoyed our last evening in Texas hanging out in our hot tub. Before heading home the next morning we had breakfast at Pelican Grill in Seabrook, which was just a small hole-in-the-wall type place. The owner came around to each table talking to customers and topping off their coffee.

We enjoyed our time in Kemah, although it was disappointing we never got to fish or really enjoy the boardwalk. I would recommend this area during summertime or nice weather, which is what we had hoped for. Overall though, it was a cute town and had friendly locals.

This FINALLY wraps up our Texas Roadtrip travels. If you’re interested in reading about our other stops, they are listed below.

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Thank y’all for following along with our travels, even though due to COVID-19 this year we have been limited. I did take a small weekend trip I’ll be writing about soon, so be on the look out! ๐Ÿ™‚

Down in Kemah Bay, let the water wash your blues away. Sit around and let the jukebox play, down in Kemah Bay.

– The Captain Legendary Band

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