About Me

Hey Y’all!

I’m a twenty-six year old Arkansan with a passion for travel. I enjoy going new places, seeing historic landmarks/buildings, and eating good food.

I started blogging as a way to share my travels with others, as I enjoy giving recommendations to places I’ve traveled. So far, my main focus is on popular U.S. cities, hoping to one day venture out of the U.S. more to share about other countries.

My husband, John, and I are both from rural Arkansas but like to get out of town and see new things. We have a fur child, Abby, but she doesn’t accompany us on most trips because unlike her parents, she dislikes travel.

In sharing our travels with you, my hopes are that you too may feel inspired to take a trip somewhere. I’m a big fan of weekend trips, even if they aren’t too far from home. Everyone needs to just get away sometimes.

Thanks for taking a moment to checkout my blog. I look forward to sharing my travel experiences with you. 🙂 – Marley

On the road again. Goin’ places that I’ve never been.
Seein’ things that I may never see again, and I can’t wait to get on the road again.

– Willie Nelson

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