Out in the Country, past the City Limit Sign

Thanksgiving weekend we spent time in Cave City, Arkansas with my in-laws. Home of the world’s sweetest watermelons, my husband’s hometown, and a little slice of heaven in the middle of nowhere.

The weekend of Thanksgiving we made our way to the “hills” to see John’s family. Though the roads wind and twist every which way, the drive is always a pretty one during the fall as the leaves have changed.

Cave City is such a quaint little town. You see, it’s a one stop light town where everybody knows everybody. It’s like a getaway from our busy life when we go visit, the cell service isn’t that good and everyone is friendly.  It’s definitely grown on me over these last 6 years of visiting.



We had Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday with his family and enjoyed time spent with them. After dinner we loaded up to go take a look at Christmas lights in Batesville, about 15 minutes south of Cave City, the closest “city” (take that lightly as there’s still only around 10,000 people living there).

Batesville Riverside park sets up a yearly light display, free to the public, called the “White River Wonderland” (since the river runs beside the park). They also have carriage rides and ice skating, although we skipped both this time as we got there late. The lights were fantastic, I’d definitely recommend if you are within a feasible driving distance.

Ever since John and I started dating I had been telling him I wanted to go see the park lights and also take a picture in the light tunnel/walkway. Well, I finally got my picture! 🙂



We got up bright and early on Sunday morning, okay not as bright and early as we should have maybe, to go deer hunting. I had not been in a couple years so I was excited to get out in the woods with my husband. The weather was perfect for it, not too hot and not too cold. We didn’t get anything, only saw a couple does, but the peace and quiet of the woods as I sat next to my husband was just relaxing. No rush to do anything, just sitting and waiting on deer.

We’re a little different when it comes to hunting, we don’t have a stand… we literally sit on rocks. When I tell people this they look at me like I’ve lost my mind, but when I say rocks I mean bigger than a vehicle type of rock.

After our hunting we headed in to take naps, there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with a blanket to take a nap after a morning of hunting. Before leaving town we had lunch with his sister and her hubby, and that was it for our quick trip to Cave City.

Life is simple and free of cares when we’re out on the farm. The cows roam, the chickens cluck, the dogs play, and the sunsets/sunrises are phenomenal.

While I don’t recommend making a special trip to this town, because there isn’t enough to do unless you know someone there. I will say if you’re ever passing by in the summer  to stop in for a Watermelon. They have a watermelon festival every summer too, with bands playing and rides for kids. It’s a neat little town that I’ve grown to love!


We aren’t planning another trip this year, but later in the month I’ll reminisce on one we took earlier this year before my blogging began. Thanks for reading, and feel free to share!


“Out in the country, past the city limits sign. Well there’s a honky tonk, near the county line. The joint starts jumpin’ every night when the sun goes down. They got whiskey women music and smoke, it’s where all the cowboy folk go to boot scootin’ boogie.” – Brooks & Dunn

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