Rollin’ on the River

We spent Memorial Day Weekend with friends in Mount Olive, Arkansas at Cobb Cabin.

This last weekend we headed to Mount Olive for a relaxing weekend with two other couples, our friends Becca and Will and Becca’s sister Rachel and her hubby Jon. We took our Abby girl and Becca brought her Leo (cocker spaniel).


Becca and Rachel’s grandparent’s have a cabin/house sitting right on the White River, and the views are down right phenomenal. It was so peaceful there and we escaped cell phone signal for most of the weekend. 


After making it to the cabin around mid-day, we got our stuff unloaded and headed out to the river. Jon took us trout fishing down the White River, and even though all we caught was a bunch of moss it was still a good time.


We didn’t do anything too strenuous after fishing, mostly just sat around relaxing and hanging out. That evening we had steaks, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob. Afterwards we started a fire to sit around and made some s’mores. I always forget how much I love them until I eat one, I probably had 4 of them! 


I had promised to make breakfast this day and I ended up being the last one awake (so what? I like to sleep in, I need my beauty rest). We started making breakfast, or as Will said “brunch”, I told him that’s alright cause brunch is my specialty. Becca fixed us some steak and eggs, and I made us some bacon, biscuits, and gravy, and it was all delicious.

Full and ready to get our day started, Becca, Will, John, and I headed towards Blanchard Springs Recreation Area (about a 30 min drive). John and I had came here last year during Memorial Weekend and wanted to come back to fish. First we headed down to where the spring comes out of the cave, I was shocked to see there weren’t many people there as last time there were. 

After we spent a few minutes there, we drove over to Mirror Lake to trout fish. The color Tof the lake is like nothing I’ve ever seen, it’s such a pretty blue color.


Becca and I were over it after a bit, and hiked down to the Mirror Lake Waterfall. The water was SO cold but it felt good to dip our feet in with it being so hot out. The breeze coming off the water down there felt amazing, and the sight was beautiful! 

We headed back up to the boys, and sadly they still hadn’t caught any fish. There were people around us catching them, it just wasn’t our day. But as they say “A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work”. 

Back at the cabin, we relaxed in the living room a bit before starting on dinner. Abby was happy we were back, and we played a bit before she was wore out too. 

While the food was cooking, John and I headed down to the river. He fished for a bit, and I chilled in the hammock for a while. 

For dinner we had pork steaks, baked beans, squash, and zucchini. Afterwards, we once again made a fire and sat around talking. It felt so good to be out in nature, with a fire going, and the stars shining so brightly.

We didn’t spend much time hanging around on Monday morning. We got up, cleaned the cabin, had breakfast, and headed home.

Overall, it was a much needed trip. We had a great weekend getting away for a bit, and enjoyed getting to spend time with friends. This was John & I’s second trip to the Blanchard Springs Recreation area, for a more detailed description of where the water flows and more pictures, check out my first blog post on it here.

“Big Wheel keep on turnin’, Proud Mary keep on burnin’. Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ on the river.” – Creedence Clearwater Revival


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