Weekend Wrap – September 13-15

We had a fun, productive, and relaxing weekend with friends and family.

Friday evening I went to a “Friday the 13th party” with some friends. We hung around, played games, and just enjoyed time spent together. 

Saturday morning we went to watch my little brother play football since his team was playing a team in the town we live in (my family lives an hour from us). He’s in the sixth grade this year and he’s already taller than me (5’4″)! 

After his game we had lunch at Chick-Fil-A with the fam, then ran some errands around town before making it a lazy afternoon at home.

Once the weather cooled down some around dark, John and I loaded up the boat and went night fishing out on the small lake about 15 minutes from our house. I’m not as big into fishing as he is, but when the weather is nice I like to go out onto the boat with him and just enjoy the views. 

The weather was perfect, the mosquitoes weren’t just terrible, and the sky was SUPER clear. I downloaded this app while we were out there called SkyView, I’d been wanting to try it out forever and finally did. It’s really neat because it pinpoints your location and goes by the time of the day to show the sky you are currently seeing. As you move the camera over the stars the different constellations and horoscopes will show up.


I didn’t fish much nor did I catch any fish, but John caught four.


Sunday around lunchtime we went to The Recovery Room with some friends for brunch. I had the ‘Biscuits and Mimi’s sausage gravy’,  and it was good but not quite as good as my own Mimi’s gravy. 🙂

While we ate there was a musician playing softly in the background, his genre is one that I would consider coffee house music. It was very fitting as the restaurant had a little coffee and dessert/pastry bar at the back. I decided on a pecan pie bar which they heated up and paired with ice cream, it was delicious!!


After brunch, we came home and I spent the rest of the day picking up the house, doing laundry, and snuggling with my pup while John had to work a little on the computer. For dinner we had hamburger steak topped with onions, peppers, and mushrooms along with fried potatoes, squash, zucchini, and crescent rolls.


After going out of town last weekend (new blog post on it coming soon), it was nice to have a more relaxing weekend this week.

What did you do over your weekend? Were you productive and/or did you relax any? Sunday relaxation is something I look forward to all week long.

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