Throwin’ Axes on a Thursday

Thursday night, John and I along with our friend Nathan, headed to the new axe throwing place in town. Southern Hackers Hatchet House is a locally owned business, and the owners along with the other employees were extremely helpful and kind.

They had an event for International Axe Throwing Day, supported by the World Axe Throwing League. For two hours they offered free axe throwing (in 30 minute increments) and free dinner including hotdogs, hamburgers, and chips.

The three of us had never been to an axe throwing place before, so this was definitely a first. One of the workers coached us on how to make the best throws and get the axes to stick. They had several axes to choose from, and they even offer the option of bringing your own (BYOA!) as long as it meets standards.


We took turns throwing, John being the first one to stick one of course. Nathan was next and the boys just kept getting them in. I was having trouble, unable to get mine to stick, when the main worker helping us came over to me and pointed out some dos and don’ts to me. Shortly after, they handed me an axe I had not tried yet and I made a bullseye on my first stick!

We kept throwing, going through the different axes they had available. John and Nathan both made it stick with all of them, I believe I got 3/6 in and I was good with that.

one of my throws

John & Nate slinging axes

Mine on the left, John's on the right

One of my favorite things about this place, is that you don’t need a minimum number of people to rent a lane and it’s still the same cost. So if John and I wanted to have a date night, and go throw some axes, we could pay our per person fee and be on a lane by ourselves instead of mixed with other random people.


Overall it was a good time, and we will definitely be back! In my opinion, it was a great activity to bring to the Northeast Arkansas area as it gives another option of something to do besides the normal things. They offer parties and events, and even BYOB and food. They also have dart battlez for kiddos to play in while you throw!

Local peeps, if you haven’t had a chance to go check them out then make it a plan!

For more info, checkout their website here, and also go like them on Facebook so you can get in on their events and deals!

1 thought on “Throwin’ Axes on a Thursday

  1. I was there and you covered my experience completely. Great article.


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